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Perth's Most Up to Date CCTV Systems

New CCVT camera technology, including cameras and recording systems, are being released weekly.  What you are reading about today is likely old technology by the time you get to read it.  The prices of this technology could have dropped as newer, higher resolution, more robust technology is released.

Let us help decipher the confusion and give you great advice based on real-world user experience as to what will work best for you.  Having the latest technology may not be the best scenario if it is difficult to operate and control and you don't have the time or inclination to learn everything. We get that.

We also get that some of our users want the highest degree of control and use of their cameras as possible and are addicted to awesome technology like we are.

So we can advise from fantastic systems that are simple to operate, amazing imagery and functional to more complex systems allowing you to be alerted when someone crosses over your lawn or business perimeter.

CCTV Systems for Perth Home Owners

CCTV from Perth Homeowners across Perth is resulting in ever more convictions and an immediate reduction in local area crimes.  Opportunistic crimes are being dramatically cut through the visible presence of CCTV cameras and serious crimes are being captured resulting in strong conviction rates.  Streets with multiple CCTV cameras throughout the street are creating a protection zone that thieves are avoiding.

Home camera systems can start from a quality 2 camera system taking in your whole frontage and then having additional cameras added on at a later time.  Hard drive recording means days and months of footage are captured so you can backtrack to an event easily. 

You can have an amazing CCTV camera system installed in your Perth home by us for between $1199 and $2199.  Camera resolution now is unbelievably good so it is the perfect time to get a system.  You can use your phone to see what is going on at your place at any time.


Perths's Best Commercial CCTV systems

Our experience in commercial CCTV systems for the local Perth market is almost unsurpassed.  From micro and small business to large business premises across Perth, we have installed sophisticated, reliable and productive CCTV solutions.

Business CCTV systems pay their way quickly in protecting your property and assets and your staff.  CCTV is effective for monitoring theft and confirming incidents.  This can include property damage, asset theft, workplace violence and site safety. The technology has improved to the point that cameras and the images they provide are effective at identifying perpetrators quickly lowering the workload on your security and staff.  Intelligent use of CCTV  in your business will pay for itself quickly.


IP CCTV systems

The latest CCTV camera technology is IP CCTV.  This technology is well suited for new homes and uses Cat5/Cat6 networking to capture very high-resolution imagery.   With new homes we can usually integrate your IP CCTV system into your existing cabling and if this not an option we set up a stand-alone network to run your CCTV camera system.

An IP CCTV system is technically an Internet Protocol camera system.  IP Cameras send and receive data digitally which is recorded to a big hard drive in a device called an NVR (Network Video Recorder).

The great thing is that your CCTV camera footage can be viewed through a web browser or smart phone.  There are plenty of smarts that can be added into these cameras which are now the standard to deal with all manner of situations.

Why we use IP CCTV System include:

  • Cameras have the highest resolutions available
  • image compression technology meaning more storage for you
  • More secure cabling between camera and Recorder
  • Accessible from local area network
  • Easily scaleable
  • You can change settings remotely
  • Less cabling.  Power is delivered over the ethernet cable. POE
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