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CCTV Systems

As we all know technology in this day and age is changing at a very rapid pace and will continue to increase in the years to come. This makes choosing a quality affordable CCTV system in Perth a whole lot harder, I’d like to take the time to share with you my personal experiences with installing CCTV systems in Perth buildings over the last 15 years, from houses to some of the biggest construction projects across Perth.


Home CCTV Systems

A home CCTV system can be a great investment for your home security. With crime rate on the rise in Perth a home CCTV system can provide video footage not only for your property but also help catch criminals that may have committed a crime on your street and with the footage it may help the WA Police. A home CCTV system can be as simple as 1 or 2 cameras in the front of the property or multiple cameras around the home to give you a 360 degree coverage around your property.


Commercial CCTV systems

Rapid Alarms provides commercial CCTV systems for small and large business’s across Perth. A business CCTV system is a great way to protect your property and assets, not only is a CCTV system great for monitoring theft, it also can be used to confirm incidents such as property damage, workplace violence and site safety. With technology vast improving so to are the cameras with video analytics making your business CCTV system more efficient and can reduce workload on security and staff making your business CCTV system more intelligent in its day to day operations.


IP CCTV systems

IP CCTV is the latest cctv camera technology which is quickly overtaking its predecessors.  Great for new homes, this technology produces footage of a much higher quality and is connected via cat5/cat6 networking.  It allows us to either integrate your IP CCTV system into your existing network or we can simply provide a dedicated network which runs your CCTV components.

An IP CCTV system also known as an Internet Protocol camera system. Unlike an analogue system an IP Camera can send and receive data via a computer or network to a NVR (Network Video Recorder). Video footage can be easily accessed through a web browser, CCTV software and also on smartphones. IP CCTV systems are more smarter then a analogue systems with options such as motion detection (only record on motion) and also privacy masking (if your neighbour complains about the cameras looking into their property you can add a privacy mask which blanks out their property). The NVR comes with a hard-drive built in you can view playback with a monitor connected or you can use your PC or smartphone to view playback.

The key advantages of an IP CCTV System are:

  • highest resolutions available
  • better image compression technology which means less storage
  • More secure cabling between camera and Recorder
  • Accessible from local area network
  • more scaleable
  • settings are easily changed remotely
  • less cabling
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