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Perth Home Intercom Systems Installed For Less Than You Thought!

Intercom systems provide a fantastic addition to your level of safety by ensuring you can see who wants access to your home.  You can leave your doors and gates locked, record video of any would be visitors and choose who and who not to speak with.
There are many home intercom systems on the market but you'll want to enjoy integration with alarm systems, CCTV and smartphone devices.  You want a system that is simple to use but sophisticated in its ability.
We'll give you advice on what system or systems are best suited to your properties size and layout.  That way you can choose which are here to help you to choose the right home intercom system in Perth.
We can let you answer the front door from your kitchen, or anywhere in your home or business.  There are new and different options each with positives and negatives.
Also with an IP video intercom system, we can set it up to call your phone if you are not home so you can still answer the door anywhere in the world!

How can you benefit from Intercom Systems?

Choosing the right intercom system for your home or business can be hard not knowing what product to go with. We provide quality wireless and wired intercom systems. We have many clients with Alarm systems & CCTV systems but they find that is not enough because they are unable to see who is at the door. With a home intercom system, you can answer the door from the safety of your own home. Crime is on the rise in Perth so having a quality intercom system can protect you and your family from any unwanted visitors without having to open your front door.

Benefits of an Intercom system:

✔ Safety
✔ Be notified who is at the door
✔ Peace of mind
✔ Keep the family safe
✔ Unlock the door from anywhere in the home Wireless Video Doorbell

The wireless doorbell is a great solution for your home intercom needs, it can be both battery operated or mains powered, with communication to your home network via Wi-Fi.

The Ring app allows you to answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world using the 2 way audio and video feed to be able to communicate.

The doorbell also has motion detection functionality so you can choose to receive alerts whenever there’s is motion at the door.

  • 1080 HD Camera.
  • Can be mounted at any height you like.
  • Use the Ring app to view live footage to see who is at the door.
  • It has motion detection functionality so you can receive alerts whenever there’s motion at your front door.
  • It is powered by an included lithium battery which you can easily recharge as necessary.
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